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Here is another perfect Factory Class restoration, this time a beautifully detailed M38A1. Perhaps the first factory class vehicle painted in the correct shade of Olive Drab since the OD2430 shade was used from 1950 through 1956. This TM9 OD2430 paint is an enamel product. In order to give a hardness aspect to the paint without effecting the gloss properties of the paint color, a small amount of Valspar 4261 was added.

Leave it to Master craftsman Gary and his son Paul to produce the first restoration with the exact shade used during the early 1950's. Despite a number of challenges associated with this frame off build, the end result is a true piece of art.


The work of Master Craftsman Gary Wirth

The following two pictures show another frame-off restoration by Master Craftsman Gary Wirth. This Dodge WC-63 is owned by Larry Brown in California. TM9 Lustreless Olive Drab Shade #4 paint was used exclusively for this world class restoration. Shouldn't you be using the best paint on the market for your restorations?

1941 Plymouth

Here is another unique restoration by Gary Wirth. This 1941 Plymouth is primed and painted in TM9 products. Isn't it about time you started using the products the Pro's use? This is a great example of keeping our history alive with an exceptional restoration that calls on the skills Gary acquired in his many years in the classic car restoration business. We're all glad he caught the "Green Disease".


Dodge WC-56 Command Car

Here we have a Dodge WC-56 Command Car that was in need of some new paint. Originally painted with a post WWII era shade of olive drab, John Ferguson of Northfield, MN wanted his Command Car to have the correct WWII olive drab color.

Master MV restorer Gary Wirth cleaned and prepared the surface in preparation for a new coat of paint. Since enamel paint was selected, Gary did not have to take the vehicle down to bare metal. Primed with a single stage high build primer in areas that needed some minor bodywork, the vehicle was completed in a very short time.

"TM9 paint is very impressive", Gary told us. "Even with the harsh lighting and low sun reflecting on the hard snow surface, the lustreless properties of the TM9 Shade #8 Enamel continues to exceed our expectations." To date, Gary has used TM9 paint products exclusively for the last three years.

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